No Particular Future in Mind

Kristina Bengtsson

Offset print
Edition of 100
22 x 14cm folded
180 x 89cm open
HE 001
Made with support from Danish Arts Council

No particular future in mind is a double-sided work exploring a dynamic between words and pictures in the context of the romanticised North American road trip. It functions both as a work of art and as a publication, one side with photographs and the other with short text pieces. It is folded together resembling a map on which image, text and weather symbols blend together into a landscape without codes.

2. The setting was remote but not
far from a road, even though one
might have wished it was, would
have felt more genuine. But a
genuine setting is never difficult
to create, you turn this way; you
get that, you turn that way; and
you get this. This house had been
overtaken by horses, they were in
the kitchen, in the bathroom,
in the living room, in the bed
room, in the shed. Things that
used to be inside were outside
and things that used to be
outside were inside.

Photo credit: Hour Editions